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This article was co-written with Ji McBryde, Senior Coach at KDV Sport, Gold Coast, Australia The low pull is one of the most damaging shots in golf. If you have been plagued by these, you’ll be well aware of the kind of issues it can create. The low ball flight means that you have little

New Signing – Nick Randall

We here at GravityFit have made an exciting signing for 2018. Fresh off a stint working as a trainer on the PGA Tour, Nick Randall has taken up a permanent role with GravityFit, who specialise in Spinal Sports Performance and Rehab, focussing especially on golf. Nick will be developing business opportunities, delivering education and supporting

High Performance programs in Australia has been at the cutting edge of developing golfers for a long time. Successful grads from GA/AIS programs include Geoff Ogilvy, Stuart Appelby, Brett Rumford, Mark Leishman, and more recently, Minjee Lee, Nathan Holman, Su Oh and Cameron Smith. One of the elements that the program has always considered to

Here’s a 3 minute video with some great tips from Nick Randall, on how to use the GravityFit tools to improve your short game. Nick is a Strength and Conditioning coach working with players on the US Tour, and organisations such as Golf Australia.  

Another great article from GravityFit Ambassador Nick Randall – click here to read part 1 of the article WRX – How your shoulder blades affect your club face

In the follow up to his frst article, GravityFit Ambassador Nick Randall continues explaining the importance of shoulder stability in golf. Read Part 2 of the article here

Many practitioners tell us what a wonderful resource our ebook ‘Beyond the Core to Whole Body’ is. In it, Dr Carolyn Richardson explains the role that Gravity plays in our everyday life – and the risks that we are running with our health if we bow down to Gravity. The ebook also outlines some simple

GravityFit ProKits

Great to see a stack of GravityFit ProKits being sent off to customers!