Applying the TPro to your Golf Coaching

by Nick Randall

I had a golf coach contact me out of the blue earlier in the week asking if he could come and spend some time with me to learn about GravityFit and in particular the piece of equipment designed to deliver thoracic spine awareness and shoulder/scapula stability. – the GravityFit TPro!

He had purchased the TPro a couple of months earlier but wanted to know more, with particular relevance to how it could be integrated into his methods of teaching. He wanted to know how to teach correct upright posture, apply that to golf posture (hinged forward) and also how to train efficient rotation.

We met up, I described the principles of the GravityFit training philosophy and we went through the basic application of the TPro to golf.

Wall Posture Check

No tools needed - just your arms and a wall

Using the TPro

Applying the TPro to posture learnt in the Wall Posture Check in order to receive feedback on correct neutral spine position.

Wall Push Ups

Training Stability and endurance of the scapula and shoulder girdle using press movements

Golf Setup

Applying these principles to golf setup

Split Stance Rotations

Working on Split Stance Rotations to incorporate lower limb stability and also help teach efficient hip rotation with stability.


..and lastly, training efficient backswing movements.

I provided the coach with a couple of follow up programs that he could practice with and also deliver to his students.

Having received more and more of these enquiries and expressions of interest, GravityFit have responded by creating a 1 day course designed specifically for golf coaches. During this highly practical course, coaches learn:

  •  The Gravity Fit concept of training our deep muscle system (the gravity muscles)
  •  How to effectively use the Gravity Fit exercise tools
  •  How to establish and train perfect upright posture
  •  How to train shoulder / scapula stability
  •  How to apply all of this to golf set up and swing

If you are a coach or player and interested in learning the how the Gravity Fit training system can help either your game or that of your students then CLICK HERE to find out more