Courses for Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists and other musculoskeletal experts


GravityFit offers education, tools and exercise methodologies to health professionals to restore and improve everyday function of the deep postural and stabilising muscle system.

The GravityFit System can be applied in the clinical setting using a sensory-motor approach and is becoming essential for all health professionals for use in combination with present treatment techniques.

The GravityFit System is ideal for all Physiotherapists and Rehab Specialists interested in -

  • Developing proximal stability for movement (trunk stability and joint stability)
  • Effective methods for restoring form and function to the deep postural and stabilising muscles
  • Bone and Joint health
  • Reducing risk of re-injury and pain in their patients
  • Providing Remedial and Wellness Exercise Classes for better stability and pain-free movement

This ‘whole body’ sensory exercise approach is used by clinicians around the world for the assessment, treatment, and empowerment of patients with all types of musculoskeletal disorders. It provides practitioners with user-friendly principles and programs for restoring and strengthening the whole spine i.e. the Lumbar Corset (stabilising the lumbar-pelvic girdle), the Thoracic Corset (stabilising the scapula-thoracic girdle) and the Cervical Corset (stabilising the head and neck region).

This model has been developed by Dr Carolyn Richardson from over 30 years of research on the function of the deep muscle system.  Dr Richardson led the research team in Australia that pioneered the concept of Core Stability and has over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals.

GravityFit offers 3 levels of education. Click on each course below for more information. 

Level 1 - The GravityFit Model for Spinal Stability and Strength (3 hours online)

Introduction and application of the GravityFit Exercise Model, tools and principles focussing on exercising the deep muscle system and developing postural muscle tone in your patient

Level 2 – Sensory Exercise for Rehabilitation (1 day)

Applying methodologies, tools and exercises to rebuild and restore function to the deep muscle system and learn about posture and breathing synergies, and assessment of proximal stability

Level 3 – Core Body Benchmark: Progression through Assessment (1 day)

Provides an overview of the background science, how the Core Body Benchmark is used to assess and track your patient’s progress and examines exercise prescription and progression techniques based on the CBB assessment.

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Courses for Coaches, Sports Trainers, Fitness Experts interested in improving performance

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GravityFit provide Education and Training to Sports Coaches and Trainers

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GravityFit - Golf Coaches Course

Improve your players performance and outcomes.

Introducing the GravityFit Training System - unique training equipment, exercises, drills and base principles designed to build Spinal Core Strength for a more stable, solid and repeatable golf swing.

Used by Golf Australia, Golf New Zealand, and high profile golf specific physios, coaches and exercise trainers across Australia, New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom, this exercise program is essential for every golfer for better feel, consistency and performance.

This half day specialist course is for coaches and other training specialists involved in high performance golf who are passionate about learning the latest innovative science-based training approach.

GravityFit training improves the golfer’s swing in many ways, most importantly by strengthening the deep stabilising muscles of the spine (including the core and shoulder girdle) to develop a firm but flexible spine and a strong connection between the spine and the arms. This is essential for golfers to develop a solid base for dynamic rotation and to help with feel, power and consistency of the golf swing overall.

This system also teaches the coach and trainer to identify body weaknesses that lead to injury and poor performance and provides unique exercise tools, drills and programs to target and resolve these weaknesses.

This half day course will provide golf coaches and trainers with the latest in exercise science to enhance player’s performance and outcomes and to enable the player’s body to function “as it was designed”.