GravityFit and Golf Australia – High Performance Program

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High Performance programs in Australia has been at the cutting edge of developing golfers for a long time. Successful grads from GA/AIS programs include Geoff Ogilvy, Stuart Appelby, Brett Rumford, Mark Leishman, and more recently, Minjee Lee, Nathan Holman, Su Oh and Cameron Smith.

One of the elements that the program has always considered to be among the most important is the development of the golfing athlete, and the high performance programs consider it essential to help players become more physically fit, healthy and resilient to injury.

In order to achieve this, the state programs employ the services of physiotherapists and trainers that are always looking to use research based best practice in their treatment and training. With a theoretical history steeped in science combined with equipment designed for practical use in the gym and on the range, Sunshine Coast based GravityFit have formed a natural alliance with the GA HP programs.

Originally conceptualised to help prevent muskulo skeletal injuries in astronauts and the also general population, GravityFit has a very different approach to strengthening the body. Essentially, the principle of GravityFit training is that if we simulate and even ramp up the effect of gravity on our bodies, while aiming for perfect postural control and joint stability in our movements, then we can make our body extremely posturally strong and stable while dramatically reducing our risk of injury. In my experience working in both high performance and club level golf, this method of training also has an extremely effective carry over to golf performance.

Cam Smith 2

 Cam Smith warming up using the TPro

Here’s what the trainers, physios and coaches from the state programs are saying about how and why they use GravityFit with their players:

Josh Meyer – Physio, QLD
‘I have found a massive benefit from all the equipment from a rehabilitation, wellness and high performance perspective.’

Matt Green – Physio, NSW
‘I have all of the Golf NSW High Performance Squad using thoracic Pros and it’s working well with the team.’

Golf NSW Matt Green
Matt Green in the Precision Athletica golf training studio

Ryan Lumsden – Biomechanist, SA
“The TPro is a great tool for training players and helping them understand how to rotate correctly.”

Dean Kinney – NSW Head Coach
“Golf NSW High Performance athletes use gravity fit equipment in every training session. Not only does it help them stay on top of their postural keys, it really gives them great feels of correct engagement of the correct muscles through rotation in their golf swing drills. We find it’s use imperative.”

Golf NSWCaps
NSW squad doing postural training on unstable surface

Grant Field – Golf QLD Head Coach
“We use the GravityFit TPro to help the players set the body structure in good posture and create a better sense of arm-body connection. This enables them to move more efficiently throughout the swing. We also use it for warm ups both in their practise and prior to play.”
Gold QLD Dee Dee

DeeDee Russell training posture and patterns.

You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for elite players though; I actually believe the recreational golfer has more to gain from using this equipment and type of training. Whilst I’ve seen very positive effects for players like Cam Smith, the biggest gains have been with both juniors and golfers of advancing years. Juniors really benefit from the postural training, getting this nailed early really seems to set good habits that transfer into their game as they grow and develop. As for the more mature golfer, learning how to rotate efficiently and re-discover good golfing posture makes a dramatic difference to the way they move in their swing.

To find out more about GravityFit and what they can do for your body and game, check out the website –