Level 2 – Sensory Exercise for Rehabilitation

  • Focuses on reactivating the spinal core muscles, rebuilding the Anti-Gravity Body Framework and restoring the stability mechanisms of the spine, girdles and limbs
  • Using specific GravityFit Exercise Tools plus traditional sensory-motor feedback devices to activate and facilitate individual groups of Gravity muscles

Learning Objectives

Have practical knowledge and understanding of:

  • How to build tone in the deep postural muscles
  • The effect of pain and inhibition on the deep postural muscles
  • The close relationship between posture and breathing (the posture and breathing synergy)
  • How to assess the posture and breathing synergy and potential contribution to patient problem areas
  • Several Rehab exercise techniques including selected muscle dysfunction treatments
  • Remedial exercise programs which provide the pathway to wellness
  • How to run Remedial and Wellness exercise classes

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