Level 3 – Core Body Benchmark : Progression through Assessment (1 day)

  • An overview of the GravityFit Science Base and focuses on assessing the Anti-Gravity Body Framework (ABF).
  • Practical sessions learning to use the Core Body Benchmark online assessment tool for Wellness (levels 1-7). This includes assessing the ABF in terms of the Lumbar Core (LC) and Thoracic Core (TC) and developing exercise programs based on the specific Core Body Benchmark assessment.
  • Obtain access to the Core Body Benchmark interactive website to perform official online CBB assessments (levels 1 – 7) and design customised training programs (Initial 12 month subscription included)

Learning Objectives

Have practical knowledge and understanding of:

  • Why an assessment of spinal muscle tone (or ‘strength’) is important
  • The background science underpinning the Core Body Benchmark assessment
  • The Posture and Breathing Synergy tests and ‘Remedial Benchmark’ testing
  • The ‘Core Body Benchmark’ wellness assessments to determine the strength of the spine with a focus on (1) Cervical Core (2) Thoracic Core (3) Lumbar Core
  • Exercise prescription and progression techniques based on assessment results

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