Perform Better with GravityFit

Sports enthusiasts use GravityFit to build power from within for enhanced athletic performance.

Improving the perfomance of professional athletes in National Sporting bodies and teams in USA, Australia, NZ and England.

Heal better with GravityFit

For Health professionals, GravityFit lays the foundations for a faster, more sustained recovery and a progression to more efficient movement.

Hundreds of PTs and Physios treating patients with GravityFit in the US, Australia, NZ and UK.

Live better with GravityFit

For the everyone else, GravityFit offers the most effective pathway to an active lifestyle and better physical health.

Improving the bodies and inner strength of pilates enthusiasts, walkers, children.. in fact anyone keen for a healthy body around the world.

GravityFit is a revolutionary science based system of whole body exercise and rehabilitation that originated from a lifetime of research on core stability by world renowned expert Professor Carolyn Richardson.

The GravityFit system of exercise and rehabilitation was developed to target and strengthen the Gravity  muscles so you can stay fit and strong on the inside.

GravityFit strengthens the muscles you need to heal, live and perform at your peak

Simply, GravityFit training optimises the function of the deep muscles that protect and support your spine,  keep your bones and joints strong and allow efficient and powerful movements during physical activity or sport.

Perhaps the most obvious example of not using our Gravity muscles effectively is when we slump.  If your  Gravity muscles are strong, especially your spinal Core muscles, you naturally have good posture and your  spine and joints are protected from injury and pain.  Core body performance is optimised when your muscles  are doing what they are designed to do.

The GravityFit system uses a range of exercise tools, devices and programs to progressively increase the sensory effect of Gravity to activate and strengthen the Gravity muscles that provide the framework for  effective stability and movement whatever your physical needs and ability.

By targeting and strengthening these deep muscles, GravityFit can improve performance, assist in healing or provide the basis for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Heal better, Live better, and Perform better

Science Based

GravityFit originated from a lifetime of research on core stability by world renowned expert Professor Carolyn Richardson.

Space research with the European Space Agency (ESA) allowed Professor Richardson to recognise the  importance of Gravity to human health by studying human muscle function when Gravity is removed (i.e  microgravity).

Our “Low Gravity” Lifestyles

Professor Richardson’s studies found that in zero Gravity situations, the deep muscles of the spine and joints   (the ‘Gravity’ muscles) waste away as they are no longer needed to hold the body and push up against Gravity.  In astronauts, this leads to serious musculoskeletal health issues when they return to Earth.

Professor Richardson observed the same conditions that occur in zero Gravity are increasingly common with modern lifestyles.  We are increasingly encouraged to minimise the effect of Gravity on our body – driving  instead of walking, lying on the couch, slouching over the computer at work.  When we minimise the sensory  effect of Gravity on our bodies, the Gravity muscles get weak over time and this causes serious musculo-skeletal health issues (just like in the astronauts).

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