Online tool with standardised methodology and training programs to measure and improve Core Body Strength and Performance.

The Core Body Benchmark interactive website allows you to perform online assessments and easily design customised training programs based on the specific Core Body Benchmark assessment.

The Core Body Benchmark assesses Core Body Strength in terms of Lumbar Core (LC) and Thoracic Core (TC) and provides an informative, easy to read report for your client.

Depending on the client's Core Body Benchmark, individual exercise programs for the Lumbar Core and Thoracic Core can be prescribed for the client as required.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Practical sessions learning to use the Core Body Benchmark assessment tool, and access to the interactive website to perform assessments (levels 1 - 7) and design customised training programs is available on completion of Level 2 Certified 'Core Body Benchmark' User Course.