Detailed Thoracic Pro Fitting Instructions

- check the correct Connector Band (yellow, green or black) is securely fastened into the back posture device and the G logo is the correct way up

- check the sensory plugs are inserted into the side of the posture device (if you require them)

- check the cleats are securely attached and positioned half way along each side of the Theraband resistance tubing (exercise bands) towards the grip but only on the lower exercise band at this stage (and not attached to the top exercise band just yet)

- put your hand (and whole arm) in between the bands on each side of the posture device (like putting on a vest)

- ensure the posture device (with the G logo the correct way up) is properly located across the back (at the level of your arm pits and across the shoulder blades)

- grip the handles with your hands.  (Note: It is preferable (and more effective) if you grip the handles by placing your fingers first from the outside to the inside of the handles and twist your hands (right hand clockwise and left hand anti-clockwise) so that you hold the grips vertically with your thumbs at the top and knuckles facing out)

- push your arms fully out in front of you and one at a time, use one hand to secure the cleat on the other arm band (by firmly sliding the cleat across the tubing and pushing the tubing up into the secured cleat position at the end of the cleat)

- once both cleats are securely attached to the exercise bands, using one hand at a time, slide the cleats (while the exercise band is kept stretched out in front) up towards the front of the arm pit (and shoulder) until they are about 5- 10cm in front of your arm pit

- relax your arms and let the bands go loose.  The cleats should be firmly resting against the front of your arm pits and you should feel the cleats holding the posture device in place like a secure harness (but so that it does not feel too tight around your shoulders.

- When you push the bands out in front of you again (in any direction) the posture device should remain in place across the thoracic section of your back (around arm pit height across the shoulder blades) and the cleats will be about 5-10 cm in front of your arm pit.

- if you feel the posture device across your back slipping up towards your head at any stage, it may be helpful to slightly tighten the lower exercise band  (by sliding the cleat along the tubing towards the arm pit) so that the lower exercise band is tighter than the top exercise band.

- when in use, and with correct posture, you should feel equal pressure along the 3 sections of the posture device across your back (central spikes on the spine and the side sensory plugs resting on the shoulder blades)