The GravityFit Exercise Tools have been specifically designed to only work with genuine Theraband Tubing. Theraband tubing can cause injury or harm if not used correctly. Please carefully read the Theraband safety precautions below.

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Please follow link to detailed fitting instructions

Instruction Video - Fitting your TPro

Quick fitting instructions for your Thoracic Pro
  • check
    - your Thoracic Pro is the right way up by ensuring the G logo is not upside down
    - the sensory plugs are inserted into the side of the posture device (if you require them)
    - the cleats are securely attached to the lower exercise band only, and positioned about half way along
  • put the device on as if you were putting on a vest
  • ensure the posture device is sitting across your shoulder blades
  • Hold both handles in one hand and fully extend your arm. Use the opposite hand to secure the cleat onto the top exercise band. Swap hands and repeat the operation.

** the more stretched the tubing , the narrower its diameter, the easier it is to slide the cleat on **

  • once both cleats are securely attached to the exercise bands, stretch one arm out and slide the cleat up towards the front of the arm pit (and shoulder) until  it is about 5-10cm in front of your arm pit. Repeat on the other arm.
  • relax your arms and let the bands go loose. The cleats should be firmly resting against the front of your arm pits and you should feel the cleats holding the posture device in place like a secure harness (but so that it does not feel too tight around your shoulders.
  • When you push the bands out in front of you again (in any direction) the posture device should remain in place across the thoracic section of your back (around arm pit height across the shoulder blades) and the cleats will be about 5-10 cm in front of your arm pit.
  • if you feel the posture device across your back slipping up towards your head at any stage, it may be helpful to slightly tighten the lower exercise band (by sliding the cleat along the tubing towards the arm pit) so that the lower exercise band is tighter than the top exercise band.
  • grip the handles with your hands, palm out,  by placing your fingers first from the outside to the inside of the handles and twist your hands (right hand clockwise and left hand anti-clockwise) so that you hold the grips vertically with your thumbs at the top and knuckles facing out)
  • when in use, and with correct posture, you should feel equal pressure along the 3 sections of the posture device across your back (central spikes on the spine and the side sensory plugs resting on the shoulder blades)

To access golf specific drills and exercises to use with your TPro, visit Select which sort of exercises you are after and they will be sent to you so you can access them anytime.

The TPro has been designed to allow different  bands to be swapped in and out for different resistance requirements or alternative functional uses - different strength TPro bands or TSensa bands can be clipped in.

If you would like to purchase these Connector bands, visit our shop

Features Video - Your TPro

Instruction Video - Fitting your Core Awareness Belt

Instruction Video - Fitting your Gravity Cap

The Gravity Cap has been designed to allow adjustment of the exercise bands for different resistance requirements. Please note that you should always begin at the lowest resistance (ie the bands at their longest) until advised by your GravityFit specialist. To adjust the length of the bands, slide ALL of the 4 black toggles EQUAL distances. There are black markings on the exercise tube for light, medium and heavy resistance that you can use as a guide.
The Gravity Cap headpiece attaches onto the cap with two strips of Velcro. It is important that the headpiece is positioned directly over the crown of your head

Features Video - Your Gravity Cap

The Gravity Sensory Mat has been designed to replicate natural ground, and to provide all of the slopes, undulations and sensations that you would find in Nature.
All GravityFit exercises can be performed on the mat to increase the level of sensory feedback, and therefore increase the amount of Gravity muscle work required to perform the exercise correctly. ie in order to increase the level of activation of the Gravity muscles, perform your exercises on the Gravity Sensory Mat.
For best results, exercise bare foot.


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