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"I've used GravityFit with my players and the tools are extremely useful in gaining quick feedback and skill retention for golfers"

Gareth Jones – Japan Golf Team Head Coach

"The TPro provides feedback to the player that allows them to take ownership of their training and creates a self-coaching awareness loop effect"

Richard Woodhouse – Queensland Academy of Sport Golf Coach

"The GravityFit tools enable ideal bio feedback for the client so they learn to "feel the feel" and know they are getting the correct activation"

Bryce Hamer – Golf NZ Physiotherapist

"The GravityFit TPro is used to help train correct movement patterns. I have used it often when teaching putting and short game with a lot of success."

Matt Ballard – Short Game Specialist Coach, Gold Coast

"We use the TPro to help people with their postural set up in their putting. It helps me to fit the putter to more reliable and repeatable stroke."

Zane Navie – Cool Clubs Australia Owner


Training movement pattern with postural feedback and increased stability

TPro Case Study – Ji McBryde @ KDV Sport

This article was co-written with Ji McBryde, Senior Coach at KDV Sport, Gold Coast, Australia

I would like to share with you a greatly accelerated version of the changes that I often see happen in the teaching bays here at KDV Sport. Usually, changes as dramatic as these occur over the course of weeks or months, once the student has had time to practice and adapt to the new feels and movements we have introduced. In this case, the changes demonstrated happened over the course of about 45 minutes!


Creating postural awareness through kinaesthetic feedback

Matching Up T-Spine And Shoulders Blades

This article was co-written with Richard Woodhouse, Director of Instruction at KDV Sport, Gold Coast, Australia.

I’m very lucky to have access to great technology that is designed to measure what is happening in the golf swing. I have at my fingertips a huge number of different metrics that help inform my decisions around how I am going to teach my student. But this wealth of data doesn’t much if it can’t be translated back to a feel for the player. And by feel I literally mean a method by which I can help the individual develop a kinesthetic feedback loop for when they are performing a particular movement in the correct way. After all, when they have left the teaching bay and practicing on their own, Trackman and K-Vest aren’t going with, at that point it’s up to them to figure it out for themselves.


Building deep muscle endurance and stability using light but targeted resistance

NASA and Your Golfing Longevity

As our lives get longer, we should in theory be getting more years to enjoy golf well into retirement. But this isn’t always the case; too many retirees are being forced to quit the game due to injuries from general wear and tear on the spine and joints.

You would be excused for thinking that the organization that won the space race and put the first man on the moon has absolutely nothing to do with our back, joint injury issues and consequent golfing longevity. But NASA astronauts have been fighting the same musculo-skeletal problems as golfers for years, only in a greatly accelerated manner.

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