Level 1 – The GravityFit Therapeutic Exercise Model (3 hours online)

Learn how GravityFit, a research based, therapeutic exercise model uses specially designed tools, methodology and principles to address patient’s musculoskeletal conditions.

This system can be easily integrated into existing practices for Rehab, Wellness or small group classes, and is being widely used clinically in many private and public organisations.

  • Learn about the GravityFit Exercise Model and how to use the GravityFit Exercise Tools
  • Apply unique principles of exercise to develop patient’s spinal stability and strength and postural muscle tone.
  • Practical sessions on activating and strengthening the deep postural and stability muscles incorporating
    • muscles of the spine
    • connection to the lower limbs via the lumbar core
    • connection to the upper limbs via the thoracic core working as a complete unit
  • Gain practical knowledge of prescription of progressive levels of exercise
  • Obtain access to the GravityFit interactive website to view and share instructional exercise videos .
  • Receive wholesale discounts on purchase of GravityFit Exercise Tools.

Level 1 – Introduction to the GravityFit Model

Have practical knowledge and understanding of:

  • The sensory-motor ‘whole body’ exercise approach
  • The stabilisation mechanism and function of the 3 spinal curves – most importantly the deep muscles stabilising the thoracic spine
  • Use of the GravityFit exercise tools, programs and methodology to optimise deep muscle form and function
  • Prescription of various progressive levels of GravityFit Wellness Exercises
  • How to use the exercise tools and postural cues as a client so you can feel the deep muscle contractions on yourself

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