When your Deep Muscles are strong, especially your Core, your joints and spine are protected from injury, you have a stable and strong base for better movement and you have more power and consistency which every sports person needs.

Over 30 years of research has shown that simulating the effects of Gravity on the body through light resistance work, while performing controlled exercise in good posture, targets and activates the deep muscles of your body.

GravityFit have developed a range of tools and exercises to do just that. The tools provide postural awareness, sensory feedback and light load to the limbs and spine while you train or exercise, giving you

  • strength and stability through your shoulders, spine and joints
  • better rotation and posture
  • reduced risk of injury

Whether you are in the gym, out on the driving range or wherever you like to exercise, including  GravityFit tools in your training and fitness regime will help you perform at your peak.


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What Exercises and Drills are included with your kits?

Working with leading golf coaches, we've designed two fantastic programs. The first set targets your Posture, and is included with our Golf Posture Kit. The second program focusses on your upper body and is included with our Swing Kit.

How does the TPro help my game?

The GravityFit TPro (Thoracic Pro) is in use by top golfers, golf coaches and national golfing bodies around the world. Why is it so unique and how does it help your golf?

How can I train my Core to work during my swing?

The CAB (Core Awareness Belt) and Telme are two great little tools to help you not just train your Core, but to monitor and alert you when your Core is not activated or is fatigued. Purchase individually or as part of the Golf Posture Kit.





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Gravity - Friend or Foe?

Gravity - Friend or Foe?

What is Gravity?

Gravity is a very complex and powerful force of nature that is responsible for the creation of galaxies, the Sun, our solar system and keeping the moon in Earth’s orbit.  However, in relation to our life on Earth, Gravity appears to have a simple role of keeping us on the ground.

We’ve all grown up with Gravity so our muscles are used to dealing with the force of Gravity all day every day.  Or so it seems!  The pictures we see of Astronauts returning from the International Space Station demonstrate how difficult it is to stand up on Earth after being in space for long periods where our Gravity Muscles are not working.  Similarly, when people are bedridden for long periods of time, we see their Gravity Muscles switch off and its often difficult to reactivate them - they turn off (and weaken) when not being used.

How is modern life affecting us?

Modern life is having a similar effect – modern life is minimising the effect of Gravity on our bodies...


'The Cut', Golf Magazine

May the Force be with you

Bryce Hamer, consultant physiotherapist to GolfNZ was interviewed by The Cut golf magazine in which he shared his thoughts on the GravityFit exercise system.

Bryce uses the GravityFit tools and principles both in his work with leading golfers, as well as in his Physiotherapy practice in Tauranga, New Zealand.

What happens when you train like a Pro?

What happens when an amateur trains like a Pro?

For many years, the words fitness and golf were rarely uttered in the same sentence. But now we can’t go through one commercial break without hearing how athletic golfers are and how everyone can benefit from a focus on fitness. Sure, if we all had a few hours each day to devote to the gym, we’d see an impact. But it got me thinking, can we quantify the impact a focus on proper fitness can play in the golf game of an amateur?

To help answer this question, I reached out to Nick Randall, a GolfWRX Featured Writer and Strength and Conditioning Coach to elite golfers such PGA Tour player Cameron Smith, who enthusiastically jumped on board to help guide me through this process. In addition to his professional clients, Nick offers virtual training to anyone just like what I went through.

The goal wasn’t to simply drop everything and act like a pro. I didn’t get to play golf for a living, and didn’t have the time they have to devote to the gym. The goal was to see if my golf game could improve by utilizing a tour-proven approach to fitness, guided by an elite-level trainer, but adjusted for the time and skill level of an amateur.


Cam Smith

"I use the TPro to train my body and arm connection in my swing. It basically guides me into the right position and I just repeat the movement I want to make, it's really simple"

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