Perform with GravityFit

We are lucky enough to be partnered with some of the best in the business. The fantastic organisations below are official GravityFit Training Centres, with instructors trained to help you Heal, Live or Perform at your best.

KDV Sport

Cararra, Gold Coast Australia

Visit a GravityFit Training Centre

Are you looking for a stronger, longer, sweeter swing?

Or aiming for better feel, consistency and power?

Visit one of our qualified GravityFit Golf instructors for an introduction to the GravityFit Training System.

  • Build Power from within for longer, sweeter golf shots
  • Improve Golf posture and dynamic rotation for a more stable, repeatable golf swing
  • Improve your Spinal Core strength for control and accuracy of your golf shots

Become a GravityFit Training Centre

Are you looking to improve the golf instruction offered at your facility?

Becoming a GravityFit Training centre will open up opportunities to introduce unique exercise tools, drills and group classes to enhance your current offerings.

Join a select group of Performance Centres and Training facilities that are licensed to be GravityFit Training Centres.