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Cam Smith has made a lot of progress from when we first started working together. Not only is he now top 50 in the world, he has progressed from a scrawny teen into a well rounded golf athlete. Aged 16 he was weak, tight, had some alarming postural adaptations from golf and was in pain

Make your way around the immaculate hard and clay courts at KDV Sport and you will hear three words ringing out again and again from coaches – “Base Balance Posture”. These 3 words encapsulate the philosophy of Ben Pyne, KDV’s Head Coach of Tennis. “During my time coaching in the Tennis Australia program, I saw

The spine has to handle a lot of load in the sport of tennis. Moving laterally whilst striking rotationally in order to move the ball forward means the spine has to cope with significant torque and shearing forces. Add to this the very high number of reps and frequent flexion / extension of all 3

The nature of tennis as a sport exposes players to the risk of trauma based injury such sprained ligaments and strained muscles, especially around the ankle and knee. Rapidly changing directions, accelerating and decelerating on hard surfaces will always produce a few lower limb injuries. However, many of the upper body injuries related to overuse

This article is written by Nick Buchan, he owns and runs Stronger Golf in London, U.K. When it comes to performance training, movement really is our foundation. If we have acceptable ranges of motion at our joints, our strength and conditioning exercises will become more effective – we’ll be able to produce more force and improve injury resilience

This article is co-authored with Tony Meyer. Tony is a Golf Australia National Coach and head of high performance for Golf Queensland. He specializes in skill acquisition and movement pattern training. Nick Randall: Gym work in the winter off-season is great. There’s lots of opportunity to hit the weight room and work on mobility, conditioning, and other

Start Your Swing Right

All of the quality golf coaches I have spent time with stress the importance of starting your swing with a good movement. They attribute many of their student’s swing issues to poor set up and first move, and spend considerable time and effort in trying to teach and train improvements in these areas. The takeaway

Stronger Bones, Better Swing

As the worldwide golfing population ages and becomes more sedentary, an increasing number of people are struggling with bone density issues. Whilst weakening bones can be attributed to many different factors, there are 3 preventable issues that have a strong influence on bone density, especially in the upper body: 1) Loss of muscle strength in

This article was co-written with Matt Ballard, short game and putting specialist at Sanctuary Cove GC, Gold Coast, Australia  Much has been written about the putting yips over the years, with many different proposed explanations. They have been attributed to nerves, anxiety, focal dystonia and even, as Tommy Armour famously put it: “a brain spasm

NASA and Your Golfing Longevity

As our lives get longer, we should in theory be getting more years to enjoy golf well into retirement. But this isn’t always the case; too many retirees are being forced to quit the game due to injuries from general wear and tear on the spine and joints. You would be excused for thinking that