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Calling all Junior Coaches and Golfers

Loved by coaches, parents and junior golfers


The straight answer is in lots of ways, but to be specific these are the top 5 things golfers have told us they love about the GravityFit TPro.

  • It helps them feel and learn an athletic golf setup posture
  • It helps them develop an effective arm-body connection in the swing, to rotate well and generate more power.
  • It gives feedback which is vital in learning correct sequencing in the golf swing
  • Helps teach width in the back swing
  • It activate and strength deep stabilising muscles for a solid base around which to rotate for a more repeatable golf swing.

And don't forget the GravityFit TPro can be used to help develop a consistent putting stroke.

Great question We have junior golfers using the GravityFit TPro from as young as 4!

We sure do. Our Golf Junior Program steps through a comprehensive set of drills and exercises used either as a warm up or to build all important strength and stability in junior golfers. It has been designed by Nick Randall who trained Cam Smith from the age of 13.

Our older Juniors like to use both the red and yellow bands. The yellow bands are a little longer, and are perfect for the older juniors to use in full swing and club in hand work. The red bands, being a little shorter, are still used by the older juniors for golf exercise - building strength and stability.

Absolutely! It's so important for kids to develop strength in the muscles that hold them in good posture. Rather than just remind them to stop slumping and slouching, exercising with the GravityFit TPro actually strengthens these deep muscles. They can easily wear the TPro as a posture harness when working on their devices- and incorporate a little simple exercise throughout their study session.