Golf Australia Camp - GravityFit in action.

by Nick Randall

A little while back I was lucky enough to be asked to fulfill the senior Strength and Conditioning role at the Golf Australia National Camp at The Woodlands in Houston, Texas.

Essentially the camp is for Golf Australia athletes who are in the U.S playing tournaments, to receive information and training from a range of different service providers. From physio to puttlab and 3D to gym work,  it’s all covered during this camp and a fair chunk of my time with the athletes working their posture and quality of movement using the GravityFit training tools and exercises modality.

You wouldn’t think that young golfers would particularly enjoy working on their posture and deep muscle control, but they actually love it when it’s presented in a context that know and can easily apply. Once they understand the connection between controlling their posture and the quality of movement in their golf swing, the buy in and commitment from the player is very forthcoming!

As well as the intended uses for the GravityFit gear, below are 2 different examples of the ways that I used the tools to provide feedback to a player in a context he could relate to – strength exercises!

Denzel is a big unit; very strong and athletic. He likes to dominate movements with his powerful lats and thoracic extensor muscles but this has negative effects on his swing action by restricting his all important scapula control muscles. The first photo is aiming to switch of his lats by doing a rear delt row and using the Gravity Fit Thoracic Pro to provide awareness of how his scapula is moving.
Denzel also has a tendency to lose his thoracic curve and get a very straight spine (those thoracic extensors taking over), thereby losing control of his scapulae too. In this picture we have Denzel doing a closed chain core exercise, again using the Thoracic Pro with the aim of keeping the spikes in the middle of the backbow connected to the spine and the scapulae connected to the paddles. This brings in a whole new element of challenge and difficult to an exercise that would otherwise be very easy for Denzel.

The GravityFit tools are obviously perfectly designed for their intended exercises, but there is so much more you can do with them once you understand the principles. Providing feedback on postural control during gym work is a big favorite of mine and goes down a treat with the players.