GravityFit training tools, golf practice drills and group classes improve your body's posture, condition and movement for greater distance, control and accuracy.

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The GravityFit TPro

With the TPro you’ll quickly get to know the feeling of great posture and movement, and learn to swing with it every time.

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To Feel It is to Learn It

The GravityFit TPro makes it easier than ever to develop your swing so you achieve greater distance, control and accuracy on the golf course.

Traditional golf training aids rely on show-and-tell feedback and coach demonstrations that many golfers find hard to put into practice.
The Gravity Fit TPro is different.
The Gravity Fit TPro provides real-time sensory feedback that guides your body to the right golfing posture, so you can actually feel the best way to position yourself and move through the swing.
Improving your game with the TPro
Adding a little sensory feedback before swinging makes sure your deep muscles are activated - for a solid, repeatable swing.
How the TPro works
Nick Randall talks all things TPro, including how using the TPro can improve your swing.

"The TPro is a great tool for training players and helping them understand how to rotate correctly"

Ryan Lumsden, Sports Science Coordinator, High Performance Golf Australia


"I use the TPro to train my body and arm connection in my swing.It basically guides me into the right position and I just repeat the movement I want to make, it's really simple."

Cam Smith, Australian US PGA Tour Winner

Feel Your Way to Better Golf

Use the GravityFit CAB for a stronger Core and better movement through your golf swing.

Develop better posture in your setup.
Protect your back from injury.
Turn more freely throughout your swing.

Soft spikes at the back help maintain good lower back posture, and the Telme pressure buzzer at the front provides an audible alert reminder to stand tall

Improving your game with the CAB
Nick Randall explains how the CAB works, and how it can help protect your lower back and assist with rotation in your golf swing
Chipping and Pitching wearing the CAB
Check out this great video of one of our golfers perfecting his chipping with the CAB and TSensa


"The Core Awareness Belt has really helped me learn how to use my Core properly and protect my back - it’s awesome!"

Jonas Blixt, US PGA Tour Winner


"The CAB has become an essential tool for players I work worth.  It enables them to feel and understand when they are activated correctly, realise the benefit from being stronger and importantly "feel" and "hear"when they are fatiguing."

Bryce Hamer, Physiotherapist for NZ Golf Team

The GravityFit TPro forms part of the GravityFit System - unique exercise tools, exercises and education based on 30 years of science and innovation.

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