"I use the TPro to train my posture and arm body connection in my swing. It helps guide me into the right position."

Cam Smith – PGA Tour Winner

"The GravityFit system is a perfect tool for players with limited time to practice as it can be used at home, the office and the gym"

Rachel Bailey – Golf Coach, Sydney

"I've used GravityFit with my players over the past few years, the tools are extremely useful in gaining quick feedback and skill retention for golfers"

Gareth Jones – Japan Golf Team Head Coach

"I use the TPro to help simplify the process of understanding swing path and connection between arms and body – great product!"

Hamish Robertson – Golf Coach, Sunshine Coast

"I initially had great success myself then saw huge gains with my 14 yr old son, taking his handicap down significantly since using GravityFit in his warmup"

Steven Loader, Golf Coach, Murray River


In use by Tour players, club players, coaches and trainers around the world, the GravityFit TPro provides unparallelled feedback on correct position, posture and movement in your golf swing.

Purchase your TPro now or Upgrade to a Swing Kit.

Take a look at the TPro in use with Tour players, golfers and coaches around the world.

The TPro forms part of the GravityFit System of Exercise Tools, Exercises and Education based on 30 years of Science and innovation.

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