New Signing – Nick Randall

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We here at GravityFit have made an exciting signing for 2018. Fresh off a stint working as a trainer on the PGA Tour, Nick Randall has taken up a permanent role with GravityFit, who specialise in Spinal Sports Performance and Rehab, focussing especially on golf. Nick will be developing business opportunities, delivering education and supporting coaches, physios and trainers that are using the equipment in their coaching, training and treatment of golfers.

Nick will be bringing his experience of working at the elite level with Golf Australia and multiple tour players in the US, including Aussie young gun Cam Smith. “I’ve used the GravityFit products for years, ever since they came and delivered seminars at Ramsay McMasters’ symposium and various Golf Australia high performance camps. The message that they delivered made perfect sense to me – stabilise the spine and joints whilst training good posture. The quality of the tools, ease of application and transference to golf movement patterns made it a no brainer to include in my training toolbox.”

Ive been involved in the company for a number of years now, mostly just helping out at the start and providing feedback on the early version of the tools. Last year when I wasn’t on tour, I helped develop the content for the golf coach’s course and started doing some consulting. They are awesome people to work with and so the decision to take a more involved role and spend decent time at home on the sunny coast was an easy one. I travelled for work 26 weeks out of last year, and whilst it was a fun experience, it’s also really nice to be less jet lagged and actually play some golf myself, instead of watching all of the time!”

Nick is most excited about helping to get GravityFit tools and education in the hands of teaching pros around Australia. “I’ve seen first hand how posture and movement patterns improve really quickly using GravityFit. This seems to ring true at the highest level and for the club golfer. Jonas Blixt made huge strides forward in his lumbar core control especially which had a really positive effect on his low back pain. On the flip side, I’ve seen 15 markers with severe mobility restrictions make very quick improvements in their upper back / shoulder rotation by learning to turn more effectively and connect their arms to their body better.”

“From a coaching perspective, it seems to make the whole teaching / learning experience easier and more enjoyable for both parties. We have a long legacy of the physical complementing the technical when it comes to Aussie golf coaching. I would love to help contribute to that relationship moving forward via delivering education either through official courses for PGA members of more informal workshops at golf clubs, with the clientele of the coach in attendance.”

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