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Top 7 frustrations of the modern day golf coach

November 08, 2021 4 min read

Top 7 frustrations of the modern day golf coach

Coaching golf can be tough gig at times. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just charging $200 an hour and standing around in the sun watching people hit flush draws and power fades.

You are offering a time-for-money service that is often affected by weather, people’s unreliable schedules and other factors that are completely out of your control. Deriving a steady income can at times be very frustrating and even anxiety provoking!

Many of us at GravityFit are coaches ourselves, and we talk to coaches all the time. So we are fully aware of your frustrations and want to offer some pointers on how incorporating GravityFit into your coaching business can have a profound impact on your bottom line.


Frustration 1 – Retention of clients

The dollar and time cost of acquiring new clients can be prohibitive. We all know it’s much more cost effective to retain current clients, instead of constantly hunting for new ones.

How GravityFit can help

Better results through faster and more lasting improvements to movement quality and technique. This will help to keep clients coming back to continue their improvement and work on the next area of development.


Frustration 2 – Players coming back with a different problem every time

People are often distracted by the outcome (contact, direction) when practising on the range, with no physical reminder of how they are supposed to be moving. So they go searching for other fixes, which in turn creates more problems!

How GravityFit can help

Using the equipment and drills outside of lesson time (and away from a golf context) will help ensure the student can work consistently on the concepts you have worked on during your coaching sessions.


Frustration 3 – Worry about players not improving

So much of a coach’s effectiveness and reputation is judged by his or her player’s improvement, but a lot of that is out of their control. After all, if you teach someone for 2 hours each week, that’s less than 1% of their time spent awake!

How GravityFit can help

Using the same feedback device both in the lesson and at home or during practice helps ensure the student is working on the correct movement, with consistent feedback, regardless of whether they are in your company or not.


Frustration 4 – Generating $ outside of lesson time

The nature of golf coaching means that teachers are stuck with the model of exchanging their time for money, which has definite cap on earning potential.

How GravityFit can help

On-selling GravityFit equipment to students helps to provide another source of revenue, that isn’t directly linked to your time. Making 45% margin on a $120 piece of equipment yields $54 of profit with no extra time committed.


Frustration 5 – Struggle to differentiate from other coaches in local area

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, developing a point of difference that doesn’t cost a lot of money is really important.

How GravityFit can help

By incorporating GravityFit into your coaching, you are using the practical application of 30 years of research and 10 years of product development. Stimulating the deep muscle system to improve posture, stability and movement quality is at the cutting edge of sports science. Being able to do this at a fraction of the cost of other teaching products is an incredible opportunity.


Frustration 6 – The cost of coaching tools and technology

Recouping the cost of coaching technology can take years of hard work, often with very little tangible increase in revenue. Not to mention the ongoing fees for updates and running repairs.

How GravityFit can help

GravityFit exercise tools cost a fraction of most coaching equipment with similar levels of scientific research and backing. If you choose to on-sell to your customers, an investment in GravityFit can yield an actual profit within a week! Not to mention all the other benefits of implementing it into your coaching!


Frustration 7 – The cost of ongoing education

In order to keep improving your coaching, and maintain pace with your peers, ongoing education is critical. But with most of the available education cost in the high hundreds or thousands of dollars (plus time taken to attend courses), the cost can again feel like it’ll take forever to recoup.

How GravityFit can help

The access to online education and digital resources provided by GravityFit make up-skilling quick, easy and extremely cost effective. Everything GravityFit does is designed to be practically applied straight away. Meaning you get immediate value from the time invested in GravityFit education.


With GravityFit being used by over 150 Tour Pros worldwide, national golf programs, Div 1 college programs and many of the world’s leading coaches around the world……there has never been a better time to get involved.


If you think that GravityFit could help alleviate some of your coaching frustrations then you can either:

  • Check out the product and education packages offered by GravityFit