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The best way to train your core, upper body and posture

Resistance bands of different strengths can be swapped in and out


The GravityFit TPro is based on the research of Dr Carolyn Richardson. Dr Richardson research dove deelply into the science of how Gravityeffects our body, and specifically, Gravity's effects on the deep muscles in our body that support our bones and joints and hold us upright. Dr Richardson's first major breakthrough was in identifying the role of the Core muscles, and the best way to activate and strregthen them. She showed the the 'Anti-Gravity' Body Framework of deep muscles works as a system - and that by replicating the force of Gravity through adding resistance along the arms and into the thoracic girdle, you switch on this whole system. Doing specific controlled exercises, while in good poosture AND adding this resistance load through the arms and upper body is THE BEST way to switch on the core and deep muscles that support us.

Absolutely!! Because the TPro is based on science that is key to developing a strong core, spine and shoulders it is a fantastiic tool for helping athletes with any sport that requires rotation. Which if you think about its most sports, right? Because golf relies so heavily on posture , rotation and spinal and core strength, the TPro has been incredibly popular with elite and beginner golfers feeling the benefits.

We have done over 30 yers research into the way the human body works in Gravity.. and how it waorks without Gravity! Dr Carolyn Richardson and GravityFit have had the honour of working with NASA and their team of astronaut trainers to dive deep into how to activate and strengthen the deep muscles. NASA sponsored research that showed the effectiveness of the GravityFit tools and exercises in doing just that. Take a look at the published research here Frontiers in Physiology

GravityFit TPro is available in the following colours. Bands are also available to obe purchased separatley and can be swapped in and out of our TPro.

TPro Green (heavy resistance)
If you already have a degree of upper body strength and are looking to build on this

TPro Yellow (lighter resistance) If you are looking to develop better postre and start working on your upper body strength

TPro Red (shorter)

For kids and smll teens

Absolutely! With the amount of desk time and deivice time most kids are spending these days, it is so important to help them develop a strong core and deep muscles to help stop slouching, and to help alleviate pain from bad posture. The TPro is designed to allow different strength bands to swap in and out. We have designed a shorter red band that is perfect for kids.

We have developed a library of over 30 exercises that will allow you to pprogress fr beginner to advanced. But never forget - the best and simplest thing you can do is just pop the TPro on, feel that good posture and go for a walk or run. Incorporate a few gentle arm movements along the way and your body will thank you. We also have a desk based posture program that you can incorporate into your everyday!