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From Astronauts to Athletes, next-generation training apparel is here

With engineereed resistance providing axial load through your spine, upper body and legs - harness the power of Gravity to lift your game.

Crafted with technology validated by NASA sponsored research,  the G-Suit is the smarter advantage for all athletes.


You've got questions, we've got answers!

For over 30 years, our founder Dr Carolyn Richardson, has
been involved in research with leading universities and space programs at both
European Space Agency and NASA. These organisations are particularly interested
in how to activate and strengthen these muscles, as they are the muscles that
deteriorate most quickly in astronauts during space flight.

Most recently, research that was sponsored by NASA, showed
that providing an axial load to the whole body  (that is along the axis of
the body.. from head to toe and from arm to torso) automatically signals for
the brain to activate the core and deep stabilising muscles of the spine,
particularly the core muscles.

The GSuit has been designed to proved this axial load to the
entire body, keeping the body under constant resistance. This resistance
triggers the activation of the core and deep muscles. 

Check out the research here

The GSuit is designed to be worn during any of your regular
training routines – whether that is on th track, in the gym, in the pool,
riding a bike or in the ocean. You can just throw the GSuit in the wash after
you are done, as you would any other training apparel.

The GSuit’s resistant force will be applied to your whole
body through your training, activating your deep muscle system, especially your
core, while you train.

So the hood’s not just there to make you look super cool and
fast… it is an important part of the science behind the GSuit. By wearing the
hood you are putting axial load through your spine, as well as through your
limbs. Our research has shown that the deep muscle system, and most
particularly the core, is a whole body system. That is, by involving the whole
body, the deep muscle system is activated more.

But yes, you can just flip the hood off at anytime and
continue to benefit from wearing the GSuit… the activation will not be as

 Athletes have let us
know that they love the feel of wearing the GSuit… the gentle compressive axial
load makes them feel like the want to stand taller, and their posture automatically
feels set.

Anecodtal evidence from athletes who work out and train in
the GSuit is that the GSuit intensifies your workout about 2-4 times more than
usual. So be prepared to fatigue a little faster than you are used to!

In the same way that Gravity is a constant force on our
body, the GSuit has been designed to provide an axial load in a specific way,
using strategically sewn panels of engineered power mesh. The body senses the
extra sensory load that the GSuit provides, and this particular type of neural
stimulus triggers a strong neural connection to the deep muscles to activate to
tolerate the load being applied.