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G-Suit Resistance Wear

The smarter advantage for all athletes, backed by 3 decades of research! 

GravityFit G-Suit Resistance Wear for a stronger core, more power and speed, more stability, improved movement quality, better posture. The G-Suit is the only patented apparel that incorporates GSI TechnologyTM

GSI TechnologyTM increases the sensory feel of gravity to automatically switch on and strengthen the deep muscles, which facilitates better stabilitypower, core strength and movement quality.

The G-Suit resistance wear is brand new – but a long time in the making including over 30 years of research and over a year of testing. Most recently, the research behind the benefits of the GSuit were sponsored and validated by NASA.

GravityFit G-Suit resistance wear is a training suit that automatically activates your deep muscles and can be worn as a base-layer underneath your normal clothing– so it’s perfect for practicing, improving your workout or to quickly prime the deep muscles before competition.

In addition, wearing the suit while doing your regular training improves the overall tone and endurance of the deep muscles – so even when you’re not wearing the suit those muscles remain activated, primed and stronger for longer.