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GravityFit on Tour – LPGA Driving Range Drills with Ashleigh Buhai

November 06, 2021 2 min read

GravityFit on Tour – LPGA Driving Range Drills with Ashleigh Buhai

This article is co-authored with Anne-Lise Bidou.

Anne-Lise is a French physiotherapist (trained in Australia), working on the LPGA Tour. Her current stable of players includes Hannah Green, Lizette Salas, Morgan Pressel, Paula Creamer, Mel Reid, Maria Fassi, Madelene Sagstrom, Mariah Stackhouse, Alena Sharp, Ashleigh Buhai, Laura Gonzalez Escallon and Tiffany Chan.

You can follow Anne-Lise and her life / work on tour – Instagram and Facebook

About Ashleigh

Ash is from South Africa and is coached by Doug Wood from Wanna Be A Champion Golf Academy. Both Ash and Doug have a very methodical and body orientated way of working on the golf swing. Much of the work they do centres around creating ‘body feels’, essentially activating key posture and stability muscles to help create the feeling of optimal movement.

Ash isn’t a big fan of working out at the gym, but is very diligent with her warm up and has a very strong attention to detail when it comes to generating  her ‘body feels’. A key part of this work is using the TPro on the driving range, both as a warm up and also in-between hitting shots.

The 2 main aims of using the TPro are to 1) improve Ash’s scapula (shoulder blade) stability and 2) Train a better body-swing connection (arms and torso moving in sync).

Aim Number 1 – Improve Ash’s scapula (shoulder blade) stability

We typically start with some simple exercises to activate and strengthen her scapula stabilisers whilst getting feedback on her postural positions. During these 4 exercises, via feedback from the TPro’s backbow, Ash is being made aware of her shoulder and scapula positions whilst using her serratus, mid/lower trapezius and rhomboid muscles (mid / lower back), and trying to avoid using her levator scapula and upper trapezius muscles (upper shoulder and neck).


1.1 – Shoulder flexion


1.2 – Shoulder protraction/retraction

Focus on serratus anterior activation and mid/lower trap and rhomboids


1.3 – Shoulder flexion/abduction


1.4 – Small range shoulder abduction

Aim Number 2 – Train Ash’s body-swing connection (arms and torso moving in sync)

These videos demonstrate the drills we use to achieve Ash’s overall golf swing goal. The main focus is getting the body to work efficiently so the hand path in the takeaway can be neutral, followed by the hands working downwards and pressing away in the downswing. The aim being to achieve correct low point and club-face orientation.

In Ash’s case, this wouldn’t be possible if her body wasn’t working properly, particular the stabilisers around her shoulder blades during rotation.


2.1 – Backswing

Working on the ‘feel’ for upper body/lower body dissociation.


2.2 – Single leg back swing

Working on hip hinge, glute activation and lumbo-pelvic stability. Aiming to maintain golf posture while challenging balance. Also used as a balance exercise to work on foot/ankle stability.


2.3 – Take away to follow through 

Focussing on ‘arm press out’ and weight transfer to lead leg in downswing. 


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