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Junior Golf Program +3 Products

Join the fast growing movement of coaches using GravityFit to get faster and more lasting results for their students.

If you are like many coaches that work with junior golfers, you may have come across the following frustrations:

– Kids presenting with poor posture
– Kids struggling with basic golf movement patterns
– Students wanting a fast solution with little effort
– Struggling to keep a watchful eye on multiple kid’s techniques at once
– Keen to integrate golf fitness to clinics, but not sure how

GravityFit has recognised these frustrations and put together a product and educational bundle to help solve your problems:

– TPro; the revolutionary exercise tool and coaching aid
– Step by step video guide to implementing the TPro in junior coaching clinics
– Content created and delivered by PGA Tour trainer Nick Randall
– PDF summary of the program
– Discounted product pricing

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