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Online Golf Coaches Course Only

Improve your players performance and outcomes using Tour proven methods and tools.

Presented by PGA Australia Coach of the Year Richard Woodhouse and US PGA Tour Trainer Nick Randall, this 2 hour course (plus 45 minute live lesson) introduces the GravityFit TPro – a unique training tool designed to assist with developing efficient movement patterns in the golf swing, and in building deep muscle strength for a more stable, solid and repeatable golf swing.

Used by Golf Australia, Golf New Zealand, and high profile coaches, Tour players, golf specific physios and exercise trainers across Australia, New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom, the TPro will become the most valuable tool to in your tool kit for developing better feel, consistency and performance.

This online course is for coaches and other training specialists who are passionate about learning the latest innovative training approach.

With modules covering

  • Coaching applications
  • Warm up
  • Chipping and Pitching
  • Long game
  • Putting
  • GravityFit Science – Gravity Muscles, GSI
  • Sensory and Motor Learning

the course also includes a 45minute live lesson with Richard Woodhouse

Participants are awarded a certificate at the end of the course, and Australian PGA Members will receive PGA ACE Accreditation upon completion. Please check with your regional PGA to check accreditation in your area.