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Cam Smith, PGA Tour Winner

A true multi-use tool, the GravityFit TPro helps with your whole game.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

The unique, patented 'back bow' is where the magic happens with the GravityFit TPro.

The gentle spikes in the centre give you sensory feedback that help you feel good posture. Your perfect posture is when you maintain equal pressure across the spikes and the two side paddles across your spine and scapular... And stacker blocks can be added to the side paddles if you have trouble reaching your scaps back.

The back bow is also designed so that different strength resistance bands can be snapped in and snapped out. So you can progress from yellow to green bands.. or snap the yellow bands in if you are practising golf swings, then switch to green bands when you want to build strength and stability of your shoulders and spine.

Yes! All you need to do is scan the QR code or enter the link on the GravityFit TPro and Swing Kit packaging for access to exercises. You can check out sample exercises or request them to be sent to your Inbox over on our Exercises page here

The beauty of the GravityFit TPro design is that it is designed to allow bands to be swapped in and swapped out. So we recommend getting either our Swing Kit or Junior Swing Kit product. Each of these contains two bands - one designed more for club in hand work, and one for building strength and stability.

You can follow the general rule that

- red bands are best suited to juniors and golfers with smaller frames.
- yellow bands are best suited for any swing practise or club-in-hand drills.
- green bands are best suited for building strength and stability

In so many ways! The GravityFit TPro is a true multi-use tool that is simple and intuitive to use, and supported by a host of online educational resources for coaches and players.

It works as a brilliant swing and coaching tool. The patented backbow helps you maintain good posture and scapular position which is essential for quality rotation. Feedback and awareness are provided on static and dynamic posture - leading to better set up and postural control through golf swings.
The gentle resistance in the bands helps develop width and arm-body connection and movement quality. The ability to wrap the bands allows you to work on face control.

It also works as a brilliant fitness and exercise toolto help build spinal and shoulder strength and stability. Lightweight and portable, you can incorporate simple GravityFit exercises into gym routines, walks, on the range, at your desk or at home.
Research has shown under MRI the activation of the serratus anterior using the GravityFit TPro - a traditionally difficult muscle to activate and strengthen, but one that is vital in support and stability of the scapular.

Absolutely. And of course you can wear the GravityFit TPro when you are practising putting, chipping or any part of your game.
The GravityFit TPro is designed so that the soft spikes are removable. This is a great idea when you are using the TPro to practise your swing. You can maintain pressure across the backbow while holding the club.

We sure do. And quantity discounts too. Take a look at the popular Golf Coach Packages - these are already heavily discounted and a great way to get started. Or hop over to the contact page and get in touch Contact Us

The GravityFit Exercise Tools have been specifically designed to only work with genuine Theraband Tubing. Theraband tubing can cause injury or harm if not used correctly. Please carefully read the Theraband safety precautions in this link -> Theraband Care and Safety